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The vision with my practice is to help people through therapeutic development to find preferred alternative outcomes for life’s challenges.


My practice started with a dream to help people to have a happy and full life after experiencing any kind of trauma.


Through my work I want to help people to process traumatic experiences, life crises and everyday challenges life throws at them so that they can live life looking forward to a bright future.


Having this dream, I qualified as a social worker.


I worked as a social worker for an organisation for the disabled and later for Deafblind South Africa

In these organisations   I learnt that the usual way of doing things isn’t the only way to achieve one’s goals.

I worked with people who found alternative ways to do normal things.


This taught me to think out of the box and prepared me to guide people on routes that will lead to alternative outcomes.

In 1998 I started my masters degree.  This course is specifically about narrative therapy.  I completed the degree through the Institute for Therapeutic Development and Unisa’s department of Theology.


It was an extremely enriching experience and I realized what difference this approach towards therapy can make.  I realised that my dream needn’t stay a dream, but that I could make an actual difference in people’s quality of life.


In 2001 I started a practice in Bloemfontein where I mainly provided therapeutic services at a clinic that dealt with family violence and crisis.


In 2006 I decided to move to Sasolburg primarily to be closer to my family.


I started building my private practice again and I am very proud on the service I am delivering here!

My office is situated at my home.

This decision was made primarily because I believe that the homey and tranquil atmosphere is beneficial in making people calm and comfortable and thus contribute to the therapeutic process.


Working from home has the added benefit that my pets can contribute to the therapeutic process – especially with children.




I remain interested in people and how they think about life.

This interest embraces my line of work and I find my work very stimulating.

I love animals and spend a lot of time with my four-legged “children”.  I enjoy reading.

I rest and relax at the waterside.





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082 776 1536

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