"We Care" fund



The "we Care" Fund is a result of a years-long dream that I

had. This dream is to provide access to all people to

therapeutic counseling and development. The fund was

launched in September 2014.




Just as our support services need to be physically healthy, we also need support services to live emotionally healthy. Many of the social problems we are experiencing in our country are symptoms of emotional unhealthy and / or injured individuals!


Think about the effects it has on a person to lose his job and then not being able to find work! How does such a person provide for his / her family? What does that helpless feeling do to that person on an emotional level? And how does this affect the people around him / her?


Or Consider the effect of violence on loved ones. Someone close to yours life or safety is threatened or violated! What is the effect on individuals and communities’ mood? How does this affect their outlook on life?

Then there are for example also people who have been through verbal and / or physical abuse so broken down that they do not feel they can continue living


Usually these people do not have the approval of their families to receive assistance. They therefore do not have access to funds, causing them remain trapped in their circumstances, unless help is offered from outside.

I can also mention the example of people who are chronically ill or become disabled and have no means of earning an income. Yet the challenge is far beyond these single focused problem areas. There are many more challenges to be addressed.


Interaction between physical and emotional challenges


People's physical and emotional health can not be separated, and without one, the other, unfortunately cannot really be improved.

A good example of this is the high figures, among Hypertension, Diabetes 2, Cardiovascular diseases, etc.

Ask your doctor what is the effect of stress on the said conditions!


By the nature of my background as a social worker, I know that the vast majority of people who actually need help, it can not afford to go to a private person to go for help. The state institutions and charities simply don not have enough staff available to offer sufficient individual or even group therapy. It allows these people without help and support! This inevitably leads to people without hope and courage for the future!


To overcome this gap in counseling, the "WE CARE" fund was started, from which our services are sponsored to people who need the help, but can not afford it otherwise.


Geographic service area


At this stage focus mainly fund to help people in the Vaal Triangle area. Our dream, however, is to eventually expand nationwide the fund and the service!


Where do the funds come from?


The fund is fed by donations from people who care!

We also have the R80x∞ Project, where people who care monthly R80 contribute to the fund.

Annually, we also host a Spring function for the benefit of the fund and will in the future also organize other events.


Bank details:

We Care Club


ACC. 9299548785



Please contact us if you have any questions or want to know more. We would like to hear from you.






Email: info@m-e.co.za


Telephone number

082 776 1536

Office hours only please



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"We-Care" - Fund


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